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The only true differentiator in your business is the Customer's Experience. If you want to build a great company you have to lead with an exceptional customer experience.
I create engaging, profitable customer experiences for new channels, markets and businesses.
My expertise...

Customer Experience Strategy
Enabling you to create your vision, map your new experience and plan your path to delighting customers.

Omnichannel Service Design
Designing customer journeys that flow seamlessly between digital, telephony and traditional channels.

Target Operating Model Design
Putting in place the culture, processes, partners and technology you need to increase performance.
Companies I've worked with and for include...
My 25 years of experience captured as insights, blog posts and case studies.
The Customer Experience: charting the new battleground in business
Corporate Manager or Lean Startup CEO? How to balance being both
Gamification in Financial Services: how to make long lasting changes to customer behaviour
Case Study: Creating a customer experience in B2B lending
Designing for B2B? Make sure you cover these in your customer experience design
Are you sure your MVP is ready to release to customers?
Let's talk about your customer experience...
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